Founded in 1930 as a paint business, today TIGER Coatings is an international family-owned business with 8 production facilities, 3 R&D centers as well as a sales network in roughly 50 countries around the world. The high-quality surface coating solutions of TIGER – powder coatings and digital inks for industrial printing systems – ensure preservation of value in the long term. They are used around the world for coating facades, windows, automobile wheel rims, furniture, refrigerators, machines, etc.


We firmly believe that the TIGER Team spirit is the key success-factor for the leadership position we achieved. Trust, respect and appreciation for each contribution are the foundation and energizers for our Team success.

Our Vision is to give people the opportunity to grow. Room to develop their wonderful talents.
To excel as individuals and as a team: worldwide.
With over 1,300 employees we produce, research and advise at the highest level every day.

TIGER Culture

TIGER considers customers as partners and inspires them with innovative, high-quality solutions. This commitment to quality is evident in all areas of the company:
Quality in color and effect
Quality in processing
Quality in production and durability
And above all: Quality of service and personal customer care around the world. 

TIGER Sustainability

We develop and produce innovative and environmentally friendly products with the least impact on resources, thereby contributing to a higher quality of life. We do our part to fight climate change by continuously reducing our energy consumption, using the energy we need as efficiently as possible, and focusing on renewable energies.

The circulation principle used in powder coating yields a 98.5 % utilization rate and we apply similar principles in our environmental policy at TIGER. Our commitment to minimizing the impact of our activities, products and services on the environment is reflected in our environmental management system, which has EN ISO 14001 certification.

Read more about the TIGER environmental and energy management and take a look at our CSR report.

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