Powder Coatings

Powder coatings are solvent-free -  in contrast to liquid coatings - and are comprised of solid synthetic resins, pigments and special additives. They are perfectly suited for use as high-quality coatings of metal substrates in the construction industry for example. Powder coatings are manufactured in three steps: pre-mixing of raw materials, extrusion and micronization, which results in a fine powder. The powder particles are then processed into a certain size distribution.
Powder coatings are applied by means of electrostatic spray-guns, then melted and chemically cross-linked at workpiece temperatures of between 160 and 200° C. The resulting coating has thermosetting qualities, meaning that curing forms an irreversible chemical bond, in contrast to thermoplastic materials. The resulting powder coating films can withstand the most extreme conditions and are adaptable to a wide range of both functional and decorative purposes. In contrast to liquid paints, powder coatings can be used to obtain coating thicknesses of approximately 50-100 μm in a single application. With preheated workpieces coating thicknesses of up to 300 μm are possible. In the case of liquid paints dry films with a maximum thickness of only 30 μm can be obtained with a single coat.

Various quality levels of powder are available for finishing surfaces of architectural objects and facades that protect the building facade optimally from weather, UV exposure and climate changes. TIGER superdurable powder coatings are perfect for the supreme discipline of facade coating. They are characterized by high UV resistance that ensures that colors and effects still shine even after many years.

The product series of the TIGER Drylac® brand are free of solvents, lead, cadmium and chromium IV compounds and therefore absolutely green. Thus, our coating solutions meet all criteria of the above-mentioned associations for sustainable building.

Powder coating is primarily used on aluminum, steel and galvanized steel. After proper preparation of the substrate and customized further treatment, it is possible to use powder coating for finishing MDF (medium density wood-fiber board), flat glass and ceramics. 

The exact surface dimension depends on the density of the product in question. On average, you can finish roughly 5 to 7 m2 of surface with one kilogram of TIGER powder. 

Yes! The entire standard portfolio of TIGER includes over 1,500 products in stock. Our TAS Team ​​​​​​​looks forward to assisting you with your selection of color, effect or structure and will provide information about the different series, quality standards and coverage.

Our standard products TIGER Drylac® series 14 and 29 are available in 147 x 74 mm. We’ll be happy to send you larger sheets measuring 300 x 200 mm on request. For the highly weather-resistant series 68, we can also deliver sample sheets measuring 300 x 200 mm on short notice.

No problem! TIGER will prepare customized shades according to RAL, NCS or Pantone in the desired surface and gloss level for you. Contact us!

Please contact our TAS Team to obtain non-binding pricing information. We look forward to your inquiry and will respond to it in person or via phone. 

Valuable tips for cleaning and recommendations for a long life of your facades and architectural objects: cleaning recommendation.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Powder coatings are solvent-free and therefore extremely friendly to the environment. Powder application does not pollute the air and does not contaminate soil or groundwater. Considering industrial coatings of metal substrates, powder coatings already make a significant contribution toward establishing a sustainable coating industry. With its technological breakthrough in new application areas such as wood-based products, glass and plastics, TIGER makes worldwide efforts to go beyond the powder coating of traditional metal substrates.

All substrates require proper pretreatment. The process used depends on the type of material, the specific application, climate and environment. For exterior application an appropriate pretreatment of the substrate is essential. For environmental reasons, chrome-free chemical pretreatments are increasingly important because of the toxicity concerns of the hexavalent chrome (= Cr6+). TIGER provides powder coatings fully compatible with chrome-free pretreatment systems and in conformity to GSB, QUALICOAT and AAMA industrial coating standards.
You have questions concerning pretreatment? Please contact us!

- Environmentally friendly because powder coatings are solvent-free
- Application of a single coat can achieve a thickness of approximately 50 to 100 μm
- High mechanical resistance
- Excellent edge protection
- Optimum results after application of a single coat
- Efficient use of material - up to 98% - due to recovery of overspray
- Economic solution in terms of material usage and application costs

Exterior & Interior Application

The natural protection of aluminum against rust and corrosion can be improved with various types of surface pretreatment. Powder coating technology for aluminum is one of the most proven processes available. It increases the material’s long term resistance and opens up a wide range of design possibilities. With TIGER’s Drylac® Powder Coatings all national and international coating norms, as well as the widely recognized industrial quality standards AAMA, GSB, QUALICOAT will be met.
If you have any questions about preparation and pretreatment, please don’t hesitate to ask our TAS-Team. They are happy to help!

For design requirements, e.g. colors and metallic effects, the subsequent powder coating is an excellent method of further increasing the corrosion protection, as well as meeting the esthetic needs. Powder coating of galvanized steel requires careful preparation and pretreatment of the surface to ensure optimum adhesion of the coating and full corrosion protection. Another way of protecting steel against corrosion is to take advantage of the TIGER-SHIELD dual layer powder coating system. In this case, unprotected steel parts – after appropriate mechanical or chemical surface preparation – are coated with a specially formulated powder primer and then over-coated with a powder top coat. This unique process meets the concerns of steel corrosion and at the same time, allows for powder coated surfaces in a wide range of colors and metallic effects. TIGER’s powder coating systems for steel comply with ISO 12944-6, ISO 20340 and DIN 55633. The highest level of corrosion resistance - up to C5 I (industry) and C5 M (maritime) as well as durability range of ”high”, which means durability is expected for a period of more than 15 years.
If you have any questions about preparation and pretreatment, please don’t hesitate to ask our TAS-Team. They are happy to help!